Tsuen Wan Government Secondary Technical School Alumni Association (TWTSAA)

The 2nd Executive Committee (Ex-Com) (2004-2006)

Minutes of the 4th Meeting


Date               :       5 October 2004 (Tuesday)

Time                :      6:30 p.m.

Venue       :      Conference Room, 5/F, Tung Hip Commercial Building, 244-252, Des Voeux Road Central, Hong Kong


Present          :       Mr. CHAN Chit-wai, Stephen                  Chairman

                                Mr. FAN Ying-ming                          Vice-Chairman (Internal Affairs)

Ms. FU Sau-lin, Cindy                              Vice-Chairman (External Affairs)

                                Mr. CHIU Kim-kan                                  Treasurer

                                Mr. CHAN Luen-chow

                                Ms. LEE Lai-chun, Lily

                                Mr. CHEUNG Kwok-chung

                                Mr. MAK Hoi-wah

                                Mr. LUK Wing-hoi, Wesley

                                Mr. CHAU Ka-tak, Eric                           Secretary


Absent with apology       :       Mr. CHU Kwok-fai, Alex

Mr. CHAN Kwan-yau, Nelson

                                                Ms. CHAU Wing-sze

                                                Ms. TANG Kit-wai

                                                Mr. LO Fu-hop, Vincent


1.   Confirmation of the minutes of the last meeting



The minutes of the last meeting was confirmed without amendment.




2.   Matters arising from the last meeting





Regarding the new TWTSAA-HUCMS Committee Account, Mr. K K CHIU reported that the Hang Seng Bank rejected the opening of the account in the new name because it was not registered as a separate body and the signatories were different from those of the TWTSAA main account. In the circumstances, we had no choice but to continue to use the old account. In this regard, he had already transferred all the money back to the old account and closed the new account. The signatories of this old account remained any two among the Chairman, Vice-chairmen and the Treasurer. For clarity sake, the account for HUCMS Committee now being in use was :

Account Name : Tsuen Wan Government Secondary Technical School Alumni Association (HUCMS) or 荃灣官立工業中學校友會 (助學計劃)

Account No.  : 209-9-012037 (Hang Seng Bank)







Mr. Eric CHAU reported that he had invited Mr. Buddy LEUNG to attend the meeting but he was unable to attend. He thanked Buddy that the website had recently been updated with the previous minutes of meetings uploaded. Eric added that he was scanning the previous issues of Tsuen Ching and would ask Buddy to upload them when ready. (Post meeting note : A CD containing the relevant information was given to Buddy in late October 2004.)






Eric Chau




As the new domain of http://www.twtsaa.org.hk had already been set up, Members discussed the way forward and came to a consensus that Members should negotiate with Buddy to maintain the website free. In particular, the new domain name would be used instead of the present name (http://www.nicestudiohk.com/twtsaa/) but Buddy’s server would be retained for the time being. It was also agreed that Mr. Y M FAN would arrange a separate meeting with Buddy and the key Ex-Com Members for discussion. (Post meeting note : A lunch meeting was arranged on 11 October 2004. Buddy, YM, Cindy, KK and Eric attended the meeting. After Buddy’s explanation and analysis, it was decided to hire a server in the open market with a low monthly fee and then Buddy would transfer the materials to the new server linked with new domain and thereafter maintain the server. The transfer procedures were completed in late October 2004.)








YM Fan


Mr. Eric CHAU reported that the photos of the AGMs were not with Buddy and so he was unable to upload them to the website. In the regard, Mr. Y M FAN agreed to fetch these photos and select some for uploading to the website by Buddy. In view of the limited size of the website, Members agreed to remove those photos of the late Mr. LAU Wing-kai from the website. Mr. Y M FAN would liaise with Buddy in this regard.




YM Fan



YM Fan



Mr. Eric CHAU suggested that a thin plastic visa-card-size membership card might be printed for each and every paid or unpaid member. The card would bear the school’s logo and name, member’s name and year of graduation, but without expiry date. It would only be issued once and needed not be renewed. It served not only as a membership card but also a souvenir. It would be dispatched with the Tsuen Ching when ready. However, Members were concerned about the cost of printing this membership card. In this regard, Mr. Stephen CHAN and Ms. Cindy FU agreed to try their best to find the printers in the market for Members’ reference and discussion in the next meeting. (Post meeting note : Cindy found a supplier/printer and gave it to Stephen on 6 October 2004 for follow up action.)









Stephen Chan

Cindy Fu


Ms. Cindy FU reported that 2 letters from the Huai Ji High School students had been received. One was addressed to Mr. Alex CHU and the other was with no particular addressee. The one addressed to Alex would be given to him for reply whereas the other was assigned to Mr. Stephen CHAN for reply. Cindy would also keep a register on the assignment of guardians.  





Stephen Chan

Cindy Fu


3.   Report of the HUCMS Committee (內地助學計劃委員會)





Though Mr. Alex CHU was absent, he had submitted a written report before the meeting. Mr. K K CHIU kindly reported on his behalf that Mr. Ben NG and Mr. Paul CHOU visited Huai Ji on 5-7 September 2004 to inspect the progress of refurbishment, to pay the school fees of the subsidized students and to attend the Million Walk for Education Activities as well. The planning of Huai Ji trip in December was in progress. A donation of a total of $12,550.00 had been received recently. The current balance was $191,831.55 and the sum of money now with the China Care Fund Limited was $111,708.00. The HUCMS Committee would like to sponsor RMB1,000 (HK$950) to the Light Tower Group for their voluntary services in Huai Ji. Members endorsed the sponsorship. (Post meeting note : The details of the Huai Ji trip was published in the Tsuen Ching Special [2].)








Mr. Eric CHAU tabled a letter from the Huai Ji Education Bureau (provided by Ben) in response to Ben’s enquiry letter in late September for Members’ information, and also the Bureau’s counter-proposal of the wordings of the monument for Members’ comment. Members had no specific comments but corrected the name of a donor. Mr. Eric CHAU would inform Ben of the amendments thereafter. (Post meeting note : Ben was informed of the amendments on 6 October 2004.)







Eric Chau


Mr. Eric CHAU suggested that in future the HUCMS Committee Report under this agenda should be as brief as possible so as to avoid the minutes of meeting being too long or dominated by the report. The HUCMS Committee had its own minutes of meeting to record the progress. However, if there were too many matters worthy to be reported, a written report (to be submitted by the HUCMS Committee) would be annexed as Appendix to the minutes of meeting. In addition, Mr. Eric CHAU stressed that only past events during the period between the current and the last Ex-Com Meetings (but not future events) should be reported.








Alex Chu

4.   Treasurer’s Report





Mr. K K CHIU reported that there was no income or expense for this period and the balance was $58,557.15. The Accounts details were as follows :


(a) Saving Account :   Tsuen Wan Government Secondary Technical School Alumni Association or 荃灣官立工業中學校友會

Account No.    :   209-4-010192 (Hang Seng Bank)


(b) Current Account No. : 209-080092-001 (Hang Seng Bank)



KK Chiu




5.   Group Leaders’ Report





Mr. MAK Hoi-wah, the Culture and Recreation Group Leader, reported that Mr. Ben NG had been informed of the finalized details of the hiking and barbecue at Shing Mun Reservoir on 21 November 2004 (Sunday) so that the activity might be promoted through the Tsuen Ching Special [2] to be issued in October. Mr. Raymond CHEUNG reported his research and preparation on the activity. Ms. Cindy FU proposed to add the Year Representatives into the Tsuen Ching Special [2] as co-ordinators for registration and collection of fees. Also, they should be informed by emails of their role as co-ordinators before the issue of Tsuen Ching Special [2]. It was also agreed that shortly after the deadline for registration, a meeting would be held to review the situation and prepare for the activity. The meeting was tentatively scheduled for 12 November 2004 at Yau Yat Tsuen Club. Mr. Y M FAN would be responsible for booking the venue. (Post meeting note : Ben was informed of the inclusion of the Year Representatives who were also informed by emails on 15.10.2004.)














YM Fan


Mr. MAK Hoi-wah also reported that in the course of planning of the above hiking activity, he learnt that our Alma Mater (the current Fung Hon Chu Gifted Education Centre) would probably be demolished or converted to other uses in 2005. Therefore, he intended to arrange for a visit to our Alma Mater on the activity day. However, it would be closed on Sundays. Members discussed and agreed that it was not desirable to change the activity day but to choose another day for the visit. Mr. MAK would arrange with the school authority for the visit in due course.









HW Mak

6.   Newsletter “Tsuen Ching (荃情)”





Mr. Eric CHAU tabled the draft Tsuen Ching Special [2] for Members’ reference. Proposed amendments were discussed and agreed. In particular, Members agreed to issue it on 21 October, to print it in black and white, to reveal the new website domain, to add the name and contact phone numbers of year representatives and to recruit volunteer(s) for publication of Tsuen Ching, etc. and other minor amendments. Mr. Eric CHAU would inform Ben of the proposed amendments accordingly. (Post meeting note : Ben was informed of the amendments on 6 October 2004.)








Eric Chau


Besides, it was also agreed that after finalization of the draft, Ben would email it to Mr. T Y HUNG, and Ms. Cindy FU would be responsible for the printing and dispatching. (Post meeting note : The revised version was emailed to Eric who completed the fine-tuning and emailed it to TY on 12 October for printing. However, Alex later proposed to add some colour photos and some details of the Huai Ji trip. The additions were completed on 15 October and the Tsuen Ching Special [2] was issued on 21 October as scheduled.)




Cindy Fu

Eric Chau

7.   Any Other Business





As Mr. K K CHIU’s son got married on 28 September, the Ex-Com Members presented a gift to him to congratulate him as a new father-in-law.        






Mr. Eric CHAU requested Members to respond to his emails, in particular for notice of meeting, promptly even with a nil return to confirm their receipt of the emails,



All to note




8.   Date of Next Meeting





The next Meeting would be held at 6:30 p.m. on 7 December 2004 (Tuesday) at the Conference Room, 5/F, Tung Hip Commercial Building, 244-252, Des Voeux Road Central, Hong Kong.



All to note


The Meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m.







                                                                                                          CHAN Chit-wai Stephen