Tsuen Wan Government Secondary Technical School Alumni Association (TWTSAA)

The 2nd Executive Committee (Ex-Com) (2004-2006)

Minutes of the 5th Meeting


Date               :       7 December 2004 (Tuesday)

Time                :      6:30 p.m.

Venue       :      Conference Room, 5/F, Tung Hip Commercial Building, 244-252, Des Voeux Road Central, Hong Kong


Present          :       Mr. CHAN Chit-wai, Stephen                  Chairman

                                Mr. FAN Ying-ming                          Vice-Chairman (Internal Affairs)

Ms. FU Sau-lin, Cindy                              Vice-Chairman (External Affairs)

                                Mr. CHIU Kim-kan                                  Treasurer

                                Mr. CHAN Luen-chow

                                Mr. CHEUNG Kwok-chung

                                Mr. MAK Hoi-wah

                                Mr. LUK Wing-hoi, Wesley

                                Mr. CHAU Ka-tak, Eric                           Secretary


Guest               :       Ms. SO Bik-ting, Doreen (Headteacher of Tung Wah Group of Hospital Wong Yee Jar Jat Memorial Primary School)


In Attendance        :        Mr. HUNG Tam-yuen


Absent with apology       :       Mr. CHU Kwok-fai, Alex

Mr. CHAN Kwan-yau, Nelson

                                                Ms. CHAU Wing-sze

                                                Ms. TANG Kit-wai

                                                Mr. LO Fu-hop, Vincent

                                                Ms. LEE Lai-chun, Lily


1.   Confirmation of the minutes of the last meeting



The minutes of the last meeting was confirmed subject to the following amendment :


Para. 3.1, line 7

“$12,550.00” should be replaced with “$17,105.15”.




2.   Matters arising from the last meeting





Mr. Eric CHAU reported that the website had yet to be updated. Mr. YM FAN clarified that he had not got all the CDs containing the photos of the 1st and 2nd AGM. So he had not yet given the CDs to Mr. Buddy LEUNG for updating of the website. Mr. KK CHIU then gave him the CDs for his onward transmission to Buddy.







Mr. KK CHIU reported that the maintenance cost of the website was $336.00 per annum. He also offered his comments to improve the website. Mr. YM FAN would convey his comments to Buddy to modify the website accordingly.




YM Fan




The design and printing of new membership cards was delayed due to the updating of membership particulars. However, Mr. Stephen CHAN promised to follow up on the issue.




Stephen Chan


Ms. Cindy FU reported that a total of 8 letters from the students of Huai Ji High School had been received. 6 had been allocated to the alumni for reply and the remaining 2 had also been allocated to the Ex-Com Members during the meeting. She had kept a register of the allocated letters.






3.   Report of the HUCMS Committee (內地助學計劃委員會)





As Mr. Alex CHU was absent, Ms. Cindy FU kindly reported on his behalf that Ms. Pauline CHUI had resigned the Secretary but remained as a member of the HUCMS Committee and Mr. Paul CHOU had temporarily taken up the post of Secretary. Ms. Pollie LUK had kindly agreed to use her home as the meeting venue and library for storing relevant documents of the HUCMS Committee.








The refurbishment works in Huai Ji had been completed but with some defects such as the wrong colour and errors of wordings in the marble plaque. Upon our request, the Huai Ji Education Bureau agreed to rectify the situation before the opening ceremony on 27 December 2004. For the Huai Ji trip in December, Mr. Alex CHU would arrange some home visits and school functions with the students. Mr. Eric CHAU had also arranged 1000 scarves to be given as gift to the students. In addition, the appointed camera man, Ah Lok (阿樂), whose expenses would be sponsored by the HUCMS would be invited to join the trip.





It was also decided that for all donations to the HUCMS, Mr. Ben NG would co-ordinate to issue a receipt with a “Thank You” letter to the donors in the capacity of the Chairman of the HUCMS Committee. After reserving the necessary funding for the coming 3 years, there would be a disposable balance of about $60,000.00 in the account. The Committee members had explored the possibility of subsidizing more students in Huai Ji and moving to another county such as Kwai Chau (貴州) to start a new project. In the interim, it was decided to use an extra $20,000 to sponsor 10 more High School students in Huai Ji. It was also decided not to raise funds in the coming AGM.







Eric Chau

4.   Treasurer’s Report





Mr. K K CHIU reported that the current balance was as follows :


(a) TWTSAA           :   $60,417.15

(b) TWTSAA (HUCMS)  :   $191,087.55








Mr. CHIU also reported that a donation of $2,200.00 from Mr. CHOW Chun-tung for the purchase of a picture in the AGM on 17 April 2004 was still outstanding despite repeated efforts had been made to recover it from Mr. CHOW. Members discussed and agreed that continued efforts should be made to recover the outstanding amount and Ms. Cindy FU agreed to follow-up.






Cindy Fu


5.   Group Leaders’ Report





Mr. MAK Hoi-wah, the Culture and Recreation Group Leader, reported that 86 participants joined the hiking and barbecue activity at Shing Mun Reservoir on 21 November 2004. Photos have been uploaded to internet for viewing. The following income and expenses were reported :










(a) Gift




(b) Drink and miscellaneous




(c) Food




(d) Banner






















6.   Newsletter “Tsuen Ching (荃情)”





Ms. Cindy FU reported that the total printing cost of Tsuen Ching Special (2) was $882.00 of which $714.00 would be charged to the HUCMS Account. The total postal cost was $872.3 half of which would be charged to the HUCMS Account. Mr. KK CHIU would follow up on the accounting procedures.






KK Chiu


Mr. Eric CHAU tabled the draft (5th) issue of Tsuen Ching (to be issued on 15 January 2005) for members’ comments. He elaborated that as the draft had already had 8 pages and there might not be enough spaces to report the details of the Huai Ji trip in December, he would report the trip with more details and photos in the next issue. Members went on offering comments on the draft and agreed to the way forward. As regards the method and cost of printing, Cindy agreed to explore if she could find a printing company for direct colour printing at a reasonable cost.






Eric Chau


Cindy Fu

7.   Proposal of Running a Primary School at Alma Mater





Mr. Stephen CHAN introduced Ms. Doreen SO, the Headteacher of the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Wong Yee Jar Jat Memorial Primary School, to members for discussion on the proposal of running a primary school at the Alma Mater. Ms. Doreen SO then explained the prevailing policy and practices of the application for running a school. In fact, obtaining approval to link a school from the Secretary of Education and Manpower (SEM) would be very difficult. In particular, the problems that the applicants might encounter in the course of application were made known to members. For example, the applicant had to submit a proposal on the management/educational concept; whether it would be a Government Subsidized (GS) or Direct Subsidy Scheme (DSS) school.





Members exchanged views on the feasibility of running an ordinary school, a GS or DSS school, a special school, a gifted school or a vocational training school. Mr. MAK Hoi-wah supplemented the background of the proposal that we intended to make use of the Alma Mater to run a primary school as we were given to understand the existing Fung Hon Chu Gifted School would cease operation next summer. So Members should consider the existing school facilities such as the number of classrooms and special function rooms, and whether it would be suitable for a small primary school.





In this regard, Ms. Doreen SO commented that it would be worthwhile to consider running a kind of school that there was no such in Tsuen Wan district; for example, DSS English Primary School, Gifted School, Special School, International Primary School or School for those children with difficulty in reading and writing. More, Members might also explore the possibility of sponsoring an educational organization/body to hold a number of school functions per year, or to set up funds for those students with outstanding awards/results or to name a hall or classroom. This form of sponsoring would have less responsibility on the part of the Alumni Association.





Members considered the sponsoring proposal most viable but had to confirm with SEM whether the site had been reserved for a school and to identify the party who would be running the school beforehand. In passing, Members also considered inviting our Ex-teacher, Mr. TONG Kai-hong, for comments on this proposal. In this regard, Ms. Cindy Fu and Mr. MAK Hoi-wah would liaise with Mr. TONG for a discussion.







Cindy Fu

HW Mak

8.   Any Other Business





Mr. Eric CHAU reminded members to prepare for the next AGM. Ms. Cindy FU said that it normally required about 3 months’ time to book the venue. Bearing in mind that the Chinese New Year would be on 9 February 2005, Members inclined to defer the AGM to June 2005 so that it could be well prepared for. If so, formal notice would be issued to members in May 2005. (Post meeting note : It was later confirmed that according to Section 3(3) of the Constitution, AGM had to be held in March/April of the year.)








All to note


Ms. Cindy FU informed Members that Mr. T Y HUNG’s son would have a wedding party on 15 January 2005. Ex-Com Members would be invited to attend the party. (Post meeting note : It was later confirmed that the wedding party should be on 14 January 2005.)



All to note



9.   Date of Next Meeting





Having considered the dates of Chinese New Year, the next AGM and the wedding day of Mr. HUNG’s son, Members agreed to hold the next Meeting in the afternoon of 15 January 2005 (Saturday). Details will be announced later. (Post meeting note : As the wedding day would be on 14 January 2005, the date of next meeting would be re-scheduled.)



All to note


The Meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m.





                                                                                                          CHAN Chit-wai Stephen