Tsuen Wan Government Secondary Technical School Alumni Association (TWTSAA)

The 2nd Executive Committee (Ex-Com) (2004-2006)

Minutes of the 3rd Meeting


Date               :       27 July 2004 (Tuesday)


Time                :      6:30 p.m.


Venue       :      Conference Room, 5/F, Tung Hip Commercial Building, 244-252, Des Voeux Road Central, Hong Kong


Present          :       Mr. CHAN Chit-wai, Stephen                  Chairman

                                Ms. FU Sau-lin, Cindy                              Vice-Chairman (External Affairs)

                                Mr. CHIU Kim-kan                                  Treasurer

                                Mr. CHU Kwok-fai, Alex

                                Mr. CHEUNG Kwok-chung

                                Mr. LO Fu-hop, Vincent

                                Mr. MAK Hoi-wah

                                Mr. LUK Wing-hoi, Wesley

                                Mr. CHAU Ka-tak, Eric                           Secretary


Absent with apology       :       Mr. FAN Ying-ming          Vice-Chairman (Internal Affairs)

Mr. CHAN Kwan-yau, Nelson

                                                Ms. CHAU Wing-sze

                                                Ms. TANG Kit-wai

                                                Mr. CHAN Luen-chow

                                                Ms. LEE Lai-chun, Lily


In Attendance         :       Mr. HUNG Tam-yuen


1.   Confirmation of the minutes of the last meeting



The minutes of the last meeting was confirmed without amendment.




2.   Matters arising from the last meeting





Upon confirmation and signature by the Chairman on the minutes of the 2nd Ex-Com Meeting, the Treasurer, Mr. K K CHIU, would follow up with the bank on the change of signatories of the Association’s bank account. (Post meeting note : Formalities were completed in August 2004.)



KK Chiu



Similarly, Mr. K K CHIU would also follow up with the opening of the new bank account for TWTSAA-HUCMS Committee (荃工校友會-內地助學計劃委員會). (Post meeting note : In early September 2004, the Heng Sang Bank rejected the opening of a new account in the above name.)



KK Chiu


With the information provided by Mr. Y M FAN, Mr. Eric CHAU explained to Members the following 3 options of establishing the Web Site :


(a)    To establish a new domain with reasonable security :

(i)                  a domain name of TWTSAA;

(ii)                at a discounted maintenance cost of $3,600.00 p.a.; and

(iii)               to be maintained by Mr. Buddy LEUNG; or


(b)   To register the web domain with a reliable provider :

(i)                  a domain name of TWTSAA;

(ii)                at a low cost of $1,380.00 p.a.; and

(iii)               to be self-maintained by someone; or


(c)    To create a new homepage under the existing nicestudiohk.com :

(i)                  a dedicated domain name of TWTSAA is under nicestudiohk.com;

(ii)                free of charge except for the foreign registration fee and the use of the server; and

(iii)               to be maintained by Mr. Buddy LEUNG.






















Mr. Eric CHAU added that the 3rd options had actually been in place with the Web Site address : www.nicestudiohk.com/twtsaa/ and tabled a set of printout from the web site for Members’ information. Members discussed and considered the pros and cons, the maintenance responsibility and costs of various options as well as the visit/usage rate of the web site. Members were of the unanimous view that :


(a)    there was a need to establish a web site for the Association in the long run;

(b)   the web site should bear the name of TWTSAA (e.g. www.twtsaa.org.hk) for easy identification by members and non-members; and

(c)    the registration and maintenance costs should be as low as possible so that it was affordable.







The Chairman suggested that further exploration to sharing Mr. T Y HUNG’s or Mr. Buddy LEUNG’s existing web site should be made. It would be best if, in the meantime where the visit/usage rate was low, we could have a web site with domain name of TWTSAA sharing Buddy’s or TY’s existing web site. In this connection, Mr. Stephen CHAN agreed to look into and follow-up with the matter. (Post meeting note : A domain name of “twtsaa.org.hk” was successfully registered on 7 September 2004.)







Stephen Chan


Mr. K K CHIU reported that he had recently updated the membership master file. Members also discussed whether there was a need for issuing membership cards. After discussion, it was agreed that as it served as the   recognition of the membership and a receipt for membership fee, it was appropriate to issue membership cards to members. Mr. Stephen CHAN agreed to study the master file first and then decide on the way forward. Mr. Eric CHAU and Ms. Cindy FU agreed to assist in the further updating of the file when necessary. (Post meeting note : The modified/filtered master files were emailed to Mr. Stephen CHAN and Ms. Cindy FU by Mr. Eric CHAU for updating in August 2004.)







Stephen Chan

Eric Chau

Cindy Fu


3.   Report of the HUCMS Committee (內地助學計劃委員會)





Mr. Alex CHU reported that receipts for donation had been issued to all donors by the China Care Fund Limited on behalf of the HUCMS Committee. The refurbishment contract of Xin Ning School with relevant parties was signed on 5 June 2004. As regards the applications for subsidy of school fees from students, a total of 60 primary, 24 junior secondary and 13 senior secondary students were approved. The school authority and students had been informed of the decision that payment of school fees would be made in early September 2004.








The trip to Huai Ji for conducting home visits to the 60 applicants from primary students scheduled for 24-26 July 2004 took place with success. A total of 12 persons including 5 HUCMS Committee members and 7 youngsters/friends/family members joined the trip. The home visits were assisted by Mr. CHIN Fuk-hing. Mr. Alex CHU thanked Mr. Stephen CHAN and Mr. C C YUE for their donation and assistance for transportation of the toys which had been given to the students. Of the 60 applicants, 40 had been paid home visits. Mr. Alex CHU elaborated that due to the time constraint and the distance being too far, 20 applicants had been interviewed at the school instead of at home. However, this gave an opportunity for members to arrange for another round of home visit in late December 2004.







In addition, during the course of home visit, the HUCMS Committee members had identified another 15 students aged 9-15 with special difficulty, not yet admitted to school and needed genuine help/subsidy. The HUCMS Committee would also like to spare some quota to sponsor them. In this connection, the HUCMS Committee had asked the school authority to arrange for including them into the application list. On the other hand, the HUCMS also met the Light Tower Group which was a voluntary organization consisted of a group of about 15 university students. They were self-financed and went here and there in China to perform voluntary social services including providing free teaching, helping and sharing experience with students. Alex expressed that there might be opportunities to co-operate with or even subsidize the Light Tower Group in the future.





As regards the refurbishment progress, works had been commenced and it was under control. It was planned to complete the school building works first so that students might attend school in September. Thereafter, works for the school boundary, toilets and playground would follow. However, the contractor claimed that he had not yet received the money. In this regard, the HUCMS Committee agreed to follow up the matter with the relevant Education Bureau. (Post meeting note : Mr. Paul CHOU confirmed on 3 August 2004 that the contractor, Mr. LEUNG Foon-si, had received the first sum [RMB40,052.88] of money.)





A donation of HK$400 from a non-member had been received after the issue of Tsuen Ching. The money was given to Mr. K K CHIU for entry into the HUCMS account. Mr. Alex CHU proposed to have a visit in September 2004 to pay the school fees and to monitor the works progress, and another visit in late December 2004 for the opening ceremony of the refurbished Xin Ning School. For the latter visit, TWTSAA members would be invited to join the trip. Therefore, an invitation through Special Newsletter would be required some time in October/November 2004. Finally, in response to an enquiry, Mr. Alex CHU said that the HUCMS budget might run for 3 years only and future fund raising was required.






KK Chiu

4.   Treasurer’s Report





Mr. K K CHIU reported that a donation of $2,200.00 from Mr. CHOW Chun-tung was still outstanding. Mr. CHOW said that the cheque was lost due to mis-mailing and he would re-send the cheque to the Association soon.



KK Chiu





The current balance of the TWTSAA account was : $61,710.00 (about); and

the current balance of the HUCMS Committee account was : $195,576.15 (about).





A total of $6,307.20 was spent in the publication of the 4th issue of Tsuen Ching. Members agreed that the HUCMS Committee would share half of the total costs. Mr. K K CHIU would follow up with the accounting arrangement.





KK Chiu

5.   Group Leaders’ Report





Mr. MAK Hoi-wah, the Culture and Recreation Group Leader, reported that owing to the clash with Huai Ji trip in July and time constraint, the proposed seminar was cancelled. However, he proposed some other activities like hiking to be arranged in Autumn. After discussion, an activity involving hiking and barbecue at Shing Mun Reservoir was scheduled for 21 November 2004 (Sunday). Mr. H W MAK would follow up on the details of the activity.








HW Mak

6.   Newsletter “Tsuen Ching (荃情)”





Members endorsed Mr. Eric CHAU to be one of the Leaders of the Publication and Technology Information Group. It was reported that the 4th issue of Tsuen Ching was published as scheduled. Members went on brainstorming the publication of the 5th issue. After discussion, the followings should be considered to be published in the 5th issue of Tsuen Ching in January 2005 :


(a)    Report on the Huai Ji trip in December 2004;

(b)   Short biography/introduction and photos of the Ex-Com Members;

(c)    Reports from Ex-Com Members (e.g. Chairman) on Association matters;

(d)   Report/news on HUCMS Committee matters;

(e)    More photos, in particular those concerning the 2nd AGM;

(f)     News from members, such as marriage, promotion, new born babies;

(g)    Interview reports with teachers;

(h)    Articles from members should be continued to be published; and

(i)      Notice for collection of annual membership fees for 2005.





Eric Chau


Besides, as there were a hiking and barbecue activity and Huai Ji trip to be organized in November and December 2004 respectively, a Special Newsletter should be published in October 2004 to :


(a)    Notify members of the 2 activities in advance;

(b)   Invite their participation;

(c)    Call for submission of articles/news for the 5th issue of Tsuen Ching; and

(d)   Issue membership cards, if possible.




Eric Chau

7.   Mail-Box Services with Subsidized Students





Members discussed and felt that correspondences with the individual subsidized students might be more appropriately be done personally instead of   through the proposed Mail-Box Service Centre so as to establish mutual trust and personal care and concern. The Ex-Com would K.I.V. the need for this service in due course.




8.   Any Other Business





Ms. Cindy FU suggested to keeping contacts with teachers by dating them for lunch. Mr. Eric CHAU echoed that interviews with teachers might be done and reported in the subsequent issues of Tsuen Ching. Members quickly identified the following 8 teachers and Ms. Cindy FU would arrange lunch gatherings with at the most 4 of them at a time :






Cindy Fu


(1) Mr. AU Chi-pang;               

(3) Mr. CHAU Tack-sung;            

(5) Mr. YEUNG Yuk-lun;            

(7) Mr. TONG Kai-hong; and

(2) Mr. CHIU Yuen-sung;

(4) Mr. CHEUNG Chun-tung;

(6) Ms. LAM Sui-hing (Mrs. YEUNG);

(8) Mr. CHENG Kon-sang.





(Post meeting note : As a result, Mr. YEUNG Yuk-lun, Ms. LAM Sui-hing, Mr. CHAU Tack-sung and Mr. CHU Wing-shing and about 30 alumni attended the lunch gathering on 14 August 2004 at the restaurant of City Polytechnic University. Interviews with Mr. CHAU Tack-sung by Mr. Eric CHAU and Ms. LAM Sui-hing by Mr. SIN Kam-wai were conducted respectively.)









9.   Date of Next Meeting





The next Meeting would be held at 6:30 p.m. on 5 October 2004 (Tuesday) at the Conference Room, 5/F, Tung Hip Commercial Building, 244-252, Des Voeux Road Central, Hong Kong.



All to



The Meeting was adjourned at 10:20 p.m.









                                                                                                          CHAN Chit-wai Stephen